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about Citrix Labs Beta Program

The Beta Program is the home for early stage projects, demos and beta technology that we want to share with you. We believe that to create services that really make a difference in our customers’ lives, we have to find out what you think as soon as possible and then make changes based on your feedback.

The Age of Surprise

We live in the “Age of Surprise”. It’s hard to predict when, or where, the next disruptions will occur. One of the questions we have at Citrix is how do we capture and bottle surprise.


We believe in applying some of the most creative and cutting edge approaches to innovation based upon the Lean Startup and design thinking movements.

User Experience DESIGN

A person's behaviors, attitudes, and emotions are key to making apps people not only love, but want to use. We study the impact of those things on all the applications we develop.

The Next Big Thing

From wearable technology to the Internet of anything, if it touches your business, we're thinking about it.


HTML5 & CSS3 provides developers with new, meaningful ways to develop, create and deploy web applications for any platform. We're always finding new and exciting ways to use HTML5 in our apps.

Big Data & AI

We used to teach machines which rules to follow. Now, with contextual computing, Big Data and deep learning, machines themselves figure out which rules to follow based on data fed to them. We love this!

BECOME A Citrix Labs Beta Advisor Today!

P.S. A We're always looking for smart people to join the Citrix Labs team.

Citrix Labs Projects Coming Soon

It’s very easy to get stuck on the V1, V2, V3 track. At Citrix the way we capture surprise is through open innovation. Open innovation is about being open to taking innovations from inside, across and outside our company. We bring these innovations into the development funnel with the ultimate goal over developing well-defined/revenue generating businesses.

BECOME A Citrix Labs Beta Advisor TODAY!


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